Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My first Linky Party

Oh Boy Fourth Grade is having a Linky Party about what you are doing "currently".  This is the first linky party I've participated in and I am so excited. Let's hope I do this right....

Google Docs isn't cooperating with me so this JPEG will have to do for now. Guess my first Linky Party wasn't a success. Oh well, better luck next time! :o) 


oh' boy said...

you did a great JOB!!! i just clicked on your pic and then clicked on it again and WHAAA LAAA i could read it!!!! YAY and a new wallet AWESOME!!! loud guy upstairs BOO!!! maybe you could like turn on a radio (are there any of those???) anyways something that can produce LOUD music and place it SUPER UBER close to the ceiling and crank it up to MAX it would be really cool if you could tape an ipod up there...close to a vent... jus say-n!!!

Miss Taylor said...

I like the way you think! I've tried beating on the ceiling, the radio/loud music will be my next trick :)

I might have to download some obnoxious music onto my iPod for part #3 (if #2 doesn't work)!

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